Kokaly Lawn Sprinklers

Kokaly Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. services and winterizes any sprinkler system whether or not it was installed by our company.

Our service technicians are experienced and trained to quickly and successfully locate and repair problems no matter the age of the sprinkler system.  We have every conceivable part or component available in our 7,000sq. ft. building – rotor sprinkler heads, fixed spray heads, impact sprinklers, nozzle, timers, controllers, valves, hose ends, piping, fittings etc.

Our full inventory is also available to our sprinkler installation customers who prefer installing replacement parts themselves. We pull the specific items needed for pickup at their convenience.

Give us a call today.  We have the equipment, the parts and people to do the job right and right now.

General Services:

  • Spring turn on & inspections
  • Mid-season inspections
  • Fall winterizing
  • Sprinkler system alterations due to landscape changes
  • Residential repair
  • Commercial repair

Repair and Inspection Services:

  • Check and adjust sprinkler heads and zones for best coverage
  • Assess and resolve low water pressure conditions
  • Fix backflow and leakage problems
  • Repair or replace sprinkler heads, fittings, timers and solenoid valves
  • Repair or replace cut wires and damaged pipes
  • Adjust controllers and timers for most cost efficient and effective watering
  • Add additional sprinkler heads for better coverage